1: Aries - Known for their skepticism, Aries are the least likely to believe in astrology.

2: Virgo - Practical and analytical, Virgos are not easily swayed by the stars.

3: Sagittarius - Independent and logical, Sagittarians rely on facts over myth.

4: Capricorn - Realistic and grounded, Capricorns dismiss astrology as mere superstition.

5: Aquarius - Unconventional and rational, Aquarians question the validity of astrology.

6: Gemini - Curious and adaptable, Geminis prefer science to astrology.

7: Libra - Balanced and logical, Libras are skeptical of astrology's predictive powers.

8: Taurus - Stubborn and practical, Taureans trust in themselves, not the stars.

9: Scorpio - Mysterious and skeptical, Scorpios prefer to rely on their intuition rather than astrology.