The 8 best-looking buttes in America

Monument Valley Buttes (Arizona/Utah): Monument Valley is famous for its iconic buttes, including the Mittens, Merrick Butte, and Elephant Butte.

Shiprock (New Mexico): Shiprock, also known as Tse Bit'a'i or "the rock with wings," is a sacred volcanic butte located in the Navajo Nation.

Chimney Rock (Colorado): Chimney Rock is a striking sandstone formation located in southwestern Colorado.

Steamboat Rock (Washington): Steamboat Rock is a massive basalt butte rising over 800 feet above Banks Lake in central Washington.

Spider Rock (Arizona): Spider Rock is a remarkable sandstone butte located in Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona.

Scotts Bluff (Nebraska): Scotts Bluff is a prominent sandstone butte rising over 800 feet above the North Platte River in western Nebraska.

Cathedral Butte (Utah): Cathedral Butte is a massive sandstone formation located in the desert wilderness of southern Utah.

Castle Butte (Wyoming): Castle Butte is a solitary sandstone butte rising over 400 feet above the plains of the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming.

Sugarloaf Mountain (Florida): Sugarloaf Mountain is a unique geological formation located in central Florida.