1: Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez met through mutual friends in 2016. Their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship.

2: In early 2019, Bezos announced his divorce from his wife of 25 years. Reports surfaced about his relationship with Sanchez.

3: Bezos and Sanchez were spotted together in public, attending events and going on vacations. Their relationship became more public.

4: Rumors of an affair between Bezos and Sanchez were confirmed when private text messages and compromising photos were leaked.

5: The couple faced scrutiny and backlash for their affair. Bezos finalized his divorce, making Sanchez his girlfriend.

6: Bezos and Sanchez hit red carpets together, showcasing their relationship. They were photographed enjoying each other's company.

7: Despite the controversy, Bezos and Sanchez's relationship continued to grow stronger. They were seen bonding with each other's families.

8: In 2020, Bezos and Sanchez made their relationship official on social media, sharing photos and sweet messages.

9: The couple's relationship timeline showcases their journey from friends to lovers, overcoming challenges and embracing their love.