1: Gohan's beast form in Dragon Ball Super offers a unique advantage.

2: Unlike Goku and Vegeta, Gohan's form brings a strategic edge to battles.

3: His power increases exponentially in beast form, surpassing his rivals.

4: Gohan's form allows him to tap into primal instincts for unmatched strength.

5: With this advantage, Gohan surprises enemies with his ferocity and agility.

6: In battles, Gohan's beast form gives him an unpredictable edge over Goku and Vegeta.

7: His strategy and power make him a formidable opponent in Dragon Ball Super.

8: Gohan's transformation showcases a hidden potential beyond Goku and Vegeta's capabilities.

9: Ultimately, Gohan's beast form in Dragon Ball Super elevates him to a new level of strength and prowess.