1: Welcome to Cooking with Seasonal Ingredients! Discover fresh and flavorful recipes for every time of year.

2: Spring brings a bounty of asparagus, strawberries, and peas. Try our recipes for light and vibrant dishes.

3: In summer, savor sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, and crisp cucumbers. Our recipes celebrate the best of the season.

4: Autumn offers earthy mushrooms, hearty squash, and tart apples. Enjoy warm and comforting meals.

5: Winter's chill calls for soups, stews, and citrus fruits. Cozy up with our recipes using seasonal produce.

6: Learn how to preserve seasonal ingredients by pickling, canning, and freezing. Enjoy them all year long.

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9: Follow our tips for shopping at farmers' markets, creating meal plans, and cooking with the seasons. Happy cooking!