1: Chip Gaines, known for Fixer Upper, claps back at Twitter troll questioning his fame.

2: Troll asks, "Who is Chip Gaines?" Chip hilariously responds, "Ask your mom."

3: Gaines shuts down critic with witty comeback, drawing praise from fans.

4: Chip Gaines proves he's unbothered by Twitter trolls with clever response.

5: Fans rally behind Chip Gaines after he shuts down troll questioning his identity.

6: Chip Gaines remains unfazed by critics, shows his sense of humor on Twitter.

7: Twitter troll gets schooled by Chip Gaines, who responds with humor and grace.

8: Chip Gaines stays true to himself, shuts down troll with humor and charm.

9: Chip Gaines proves he's a class act with witty response to Twitter troll.