1: After 11 seasons, fans wonder why "Blue Bloods" is ending. Here's why the creators decided to wrap up the series.

2: The show's creators wanted to end "Blue Bloods" on their terms, giving the characters a proper send-off.

3: As the showrunner, Tom Selleck felt it was time to bring the Reagan family's story to a satisfying conclusion.

4: The decision to end the series was not taken lightly, but the creators wanted to end on a high note.

5: The cast and crew of "Blue Bloods" felt it was the right time to say goodbye to the beloved show.

6: Fans can expect a satisfying conclusion to the Reagan family's story in the final season of "Blue Bloods."

7: The show's creators promise to tie up loose ends and give fans closure in the series finale.

8: "Blue Bloods" will end its run with a memorable final season, leaving fans with lasting memories.

9: As the series comes to an end, fans can look forward to seeing how the Reagan family's story concludes.