Best-selling ice cream brands U.S. 2024

1. Blue Bell Creameries: Blue Bell is a beloved brand known for its homemade taste and a variety of classic and innovative flavors.

1. Ben & Jerry's: Famous for its unique and creative flavors, Ben & Jerry's has a loyal following and offers a wide range of ice creams and non-dairy options.

1. Häagen-Dazs: Häagen-Dazs is renowned for its premium quality ice creams, gelatos, and sorbets made with high-quality ingredients.

Blue Bell Creameries: Based in Texas, Blue Bell is famous for its homemade taste and a variety of flavors, including fan favorites like Homemade Vanilla.

1. Breyers: Breyers offers a range of classic ice cream flavors made with simple ingredients, appealing to a wide audience.

1. Dreyer's/Edy's: Dreyer's (west of the Rockies) and Edy's (east of the Rockies) offer a diverse selection of ice cream flavors, sorbets, and frozen yogurt options.

1. Talenti: Talenti is famous for its gelato-style ice creams made with high-quality ingredients and featuring a smooth and creamy texture.

1. Friendly's: Friendly's is known for its delicious ice cream sundaes, shakes, and cones, as well as its classic ice cream flavors.

1. Blue Bunny: Blue Bunny offers a wide range of ice cream treats, including pints, bars, cones, and novelty items, in a variety of flavors.