1: Angelina Jolie shares how daughter Vivienne has grown while working on Broadway's The Outsiders together.

2: Jolie praises Vivienne's dedication and learning experience on the set of The Outsiders.

3: The mother-daughter duo cherish their time together and bond as co-stars on Broadway.

4: Vivienne's role in The Outsiders has offered her a unique opportunity to learn from Jolie.

5: Jolie is proud of Vivienne's growth and talent while working on Broadway's The Outsiders.

6: The Outsiders has been a special project that has brought Jolie and Vivienne closer together.

7: Jolie admires Vivienne's work ethic and passion for acting in The Outsiders.

8: Vivienne's experience on Broadway with her mother has been a valuable learning opportunity.

9: Jolie and Vivienne's collaboration on The Outsiders showcases their strong bond and talent.