9 Things You Can Get Free At Pharmacies

Prescription Medication Consultation: Pharmacists are trained healthcare professionals who can provide consultations on your prescription medications.

Blood Pressure Checks: Many pharmacies offer free blood pressure checks using automated blood pressure monitors.

Flu Shots and Vaccinations: During flu season, many pharmacies offer free flu shots or vaccinations as part of public health initiatives.

Health Screenings: Some pharmacies host health screenings for conditions like diabetes, cholesterol levels, or osteoporosis.

Over-the-Counter Medication Samples: Pharmacies often receive samples of over-the-counter medications from pharmaceutical companies.

Health Information and Education Materials: Pharmacies may provide brochures, pamphlets, or other educational materials on various health topics.

Medication Adherence Tools: Some pharmacies offer free medication adherence tools, such as pill organizers or reminder apps, to help customers.

Sharps Disposal Containers: Pharmacies often provide free sharps disposal containers for customers who need to dispose of used needles or syringes safely.

Advice on Over-the-Counter Medications: Pharmacists can provide guidance on over-the-counter medications for common ailments like allergies, coughs, colds, or minor injuries.