9 Best Smelling Body Lotions

1. Bath & Body Works "Japanese Cherry Blossom" Body Lotion: This iconic scent combines cherry blossoms, Asian pear, and sandalwood for a floral and fruity fragrance.

The Body Shop "Shea Butter" Body Lotion: Infused with Community Trade shea butter, this lotion has a warm and nutty scent that is both comforting and luxurious.

1. L'Occitane "Almond Milk Concentrate" Body Lotion: With the sweet scent of almonds, this rich and creamy lotion leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

1. CeraVe "Moisturizing Cream": Although unscented, CeraVe's Moisturizing Cream has a subtle and clean scent that is gentle on sensitive skin.

1. Aveeno "Daily Moisturizing Lotion": Another fragrance-free option, Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion has a mild, oatmeal-based scent that is soothing and calming.

1. Nivea "Smooth Sensation" Body Lotion: This lotion features Nivea's signature scent, a clean and classic fragrance that is both fresh and comforting.

1. Vaseline "Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant" Body Lotion: Infused with cocoa butter, this lotion has a rich and indulgent chocolatey scent that is perfect for dry skin.

1. Cetaphil "Moisturizing Cream": Fragrance-free and non-greasy, Cetaphil's Moisturizing Cream has a light and clean scent that won't irritate sensitive skin.

1. Palmer's "Cocoa Butter Formula" Body Lotion: With the sweet aroma of cocoa butter, this lotion hydrates and nourishes skin while leaving behind a delicious scent.