8 Hot Sauces to Try Right Now

1. Sriracha: A classic hot sauce made from chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Sriracha adds a tangy, slightly sweet flavor with medium heat, making it versatile for various dishes.

Tabasco: Tabasco sauce is made from tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt. It has a bold, tangy flavor with a punch of heat that works well as a condiment or ingredient in marinades, sauces.

Frank's RedHot: Known for its signature buffalo sauce, Frank's RedHot is made from aged cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic, and other spices.

Cholula: Cholula hot sauce is made from arbol and piquin peppers, vinegar, garlic, and spices. It has a balanced flavor with mild to medium heat and works well.

Valentina: Valentina hot sauce is a Mexican-style hot sauce made from puya and serrano peppers, vinegar, and spices.

Sambal Oelek: Sambal oelek is a versatile Indonesian chili paste made from fresh red chilies, vinegar, and salt.

El Yucateco: El Yucateco hot sauces come in a variety of flavors and heat levels, ranging from mild to extra hot.

Ghost Pepper Sauce: For those who crave extreme heat, ghost pepper hot sauces are worth trying. Made from one of the hottest peppers in the world.

Carolina Reaper Sauce: If you're a true heat seeker, Carolina Reaper hot sauce is the ultimate challenge.