1: "Self-Care Journal: Encourage mindfulness and reflection with a guided self-care journal."

2: "Essential Oil Diffuser: Promote relaxation and calm with a soothing essential oil diffuser."

3: "Weighted Blanket: Improve sleep and reduce anxiety with a comforting weighted blanket."

4: "Yoga Mat & Online Classes: Support mental health with yoga for relaxation and exercise."

5: "Adult Coloring Book: Stimulate creativity and mindfulness with an adult coloring book."

6: "Herbal Tea Set: Relieve stress and promote relaxation with a calming herbal tea set."

7: "Mood-Boosting Light Therapy Lamp: Combat seasonal affective disorder with a light therapy lamp."

8: "Mindfulness App Subscription: Incorporate daily mindfulness with a subscription to a mindfulness app."

9: "Massage Gift Certificate: Reduce tension and stress with a rejuvenating massage gift certificate."