1: Elevate your tuna salad with Greek yogurt instead of mayo for a protein-packed twist.

2: Add diced apples and walnuts for a refreshing crunch in your tuna salad sandwich.

3: Jazz up your sandwich with a hint of lemon juice and fresh dill for a zesty kick.

4: Swap out bread for lettuce wraps for a low-carb alternative to your tuna salad sandwich.

5: Mix in avocado for a creamy texture and added health benefits to your tuna salad.

6: Opt for whole grain bread for a boost of fiber and nutrients in your tuna salad sandwich.

7: Experiment with different spices like paprika or curry powder for a unique flavor profile.

8: Try adding a handful of grapes or dried cranberries for a sweet and tangy twist.

9: Enjoy your ultimate tuna salad sandwich with a side of fresh fruit for a well-rounded, healthy breakfast.