1: 1. Fake nice people overcompliment. 2. They only help when visible. 3. Watch out for their changing tone. 4. Genuine nice people show consistency. 5. Trust your instincts.

2: 1. Fake nice people often gossip. 2. Their actions don't match words. 3. They manipulate to get their way. 4. Genuine nice people listen actively. 5. Look for sincerity in their gestures.

3: 1. Fake nice people seek attention. 2. Their kindness feels forced. 3. They lack empathy. 4. Genuine nice people care genuinely. 5. Pay attention to their body language.

4: 1. Fake nice people expect something in return. 2. They often have ulterior motives. 3. Their behavior is inconsistent. 4. Genuine nice people give selflessly. 5. Test their character in difficult situations.

5: 1. Fake nice people seek validation. 2. They lack authenticity. 3. They are quick to judge. 4. Genuine nice people show humility. 5. Observe how they treat others.

6: 1. Fake nice people use flattery. 2. Their words feel insincere. 3. They avoid conflicts. 4. Genuine nice people value honesty. 5. Look for genuine connections.

7: 1. Fake nice people talk behind backs. 2. They are self-centered. 3. They play victim card. 4. Genuine nice people act with integrity. 5. Examine their intentions closely.

8: 1. Fake nice people make empty promises. 2. They prioritize their needs. 3. They lack emotional depth. 4. Genuine nice people stay true to their word. 5. Trust actions over words.

9: 1. Fake nice people are inconsistent. 2. They lack empathy. 3. They seek personal gain. 4. Genuine nice people show compassion. 5. Take time to observe before trusting.