5 Raw Vegetables To Control Blood Sugar Levels in Less Time

Diabetes is mostly caused by poor diet and lifestyle. Due to the fact that even a little bad food can raise blood sugar, nutrition is crucial.

Spinach: Spinach promotes health. It also helps regulate blood sugar. Diabetes sufferers benefit from spinach's characteristics.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains numerous healthy elements. Most boil and consume it. It helps control diabetes when consumed uncooked as a salad.

Cabbage: Raw cabbage lowers blood sugar. Although doctors recommend eating it as a fresh salad, diabetes type 2 sufferers will feel better.

Okra: Diabetes sufferers benefit from eating lady-finger okra. Taking okra raw in salad form helps regulate sugar levels.

Bell Pepper: Consuming capsicum helps diabetes. Consuming it as salad is ideal. As a low-glycemic vegetable, capsicum helps manage blood sugar.