1: "Classic crispy fries made with russet potatoes and seasoned to perfection."

2: "Garlic parmesan fries with a crispy outer layer and a savory herb blend."

3: "Spicy seasoned sweet potato fries, baked crispy and full of flavor."

4: "Loaded chili cheese fries topped with melted cheese and savory chili."

5: "Crispy potato wedges tossed in olive oil and a blend of herbs."

6: "Parmesan truffle fries with a crispy texture and hint of truffle oil."

7: "Golden hash brown patties with a crispy crust and fluffy interior."

8: "Crispy shoestring fries made with thin potatoes and fried to perfection."

9: "Air-fried crispy potato chips seasoned with salt and pepper for a tasty snack."