13 Popular Car Features You’ll Probably Never See Again

1. Manual Transmissions: Once the standard, manual transmissions are increasingly rare, as automatic transmissions offer better fuel efficiency and ease of use.

1. Pop-Up Headlights: Beloved for their sleek, futuristic look in decades past, pop-up headlights have disappeared mainly due to safety regulations and cost.

1. Bench Seats in Front: Front bench seats have largely been replaced by bucket seats, which offer more comfort and support, especially in performance cars.

Cassette Tape Players: As digital music has taken over, cassette players have become a relic of the past, replaced by CD players.

1. Hand-Cranked Windows: Almost all cars now come with power windows, pushing manual windows into obsolescence due to their inconvenience.

1. Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighters: As smoking declines and cars become more family-friendly, these features have been replaced by extra power outlets and USB ports.

1. Flip-Up GPS Screens: Integrated infotainment systems with static screens that offer more functionality and connectivity have replaced older GPS-only systems.

1. Retractable Antennas: These have largely disappeared due to advances in antenna technology, which are now often embedded within the car’s bodywork.

1. Key Ignitions: Push-button starts have become the norm in new cars, making traditional keyed ignitions increasingly rare.