10 Unhealthiest Fish to Add to Your Daily Diet

1. Tilefish: Known for its high mercury content, especially in Gulf of Mexico varieties.

1. Swordfish: Also high in mercury, so it's recommended to limit consumption, especially for pregnant women and children.

1. Shark: Contains high levels of mercury and is often overfished, leading to sustainability concerns.

1. King Mackerel: Another fish with elevated mercury levels, so it's advisable to consume in moderation.

1. Bigeye Tuna: Contains more mercury than other tuna varieties like skipjack or albacore.

1. Orange Roughy: Often overfished and can contain high levels of mercury and other pollutants.

1. Bluefin Tuna: Known for its overfishing and high mercury levels, it's best to choose other tuna species.

1. Marlin: Similar to swordfish and shark, marlin can have high levels of mercury and should be consumed sparingly.

1. Grouper: Some species of grouper may contain moderate levels of mercury, so it's recommended to check advisories.