10 Fun trucking facts

1. Biggest Industry: In many states in the U.S., trucking is the largest industry, critical for transporting goods and services across the country.

King of the Road: The U.S. trucking industry is responsible for moving over 70% of all freight transported annually in the country.

A World Without Trucking: If the trucking industry stopped, grocery stores would run out of food in just three days.

The Long Haul: The longest road freight route in the world is from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East—approximately 11,000 kilometers.

Heaviest Loads: The heaviest load ever transported by a road-going truck was an electrical transformer in South Africa.

Million Miler: Many long-haul truckers achieve what’s known as "million miler" status, which means they have driven over a million miles during their careers.

Sleeper Cab Amenities: Modern long-haul trucks often have sleeper cabs equipped with amenities like beds, microwaves.

CB Radio Lingo: Truckers have developed their own unique lingo over CB (Citizens Band) radios. Phrases like “10-4” (acknowledgment).

Women in Trucking: While trucking has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, the number of women truck drivers has been steadily increasing.